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When everything seem to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.

—Henry Ford (via tausendsunny)

If you don’t cry, I’ll give you your Snickers bar afterwards.

Mother to a 3-year-old male patient… who weighs 50 pounds. (That’s at least 10 pounds higher than the 95%ile for his age).

Why Snickers? “Well, he’s always liked them since he was a baby, and he’ll do anything to get one.”

Looks like he’s done enough to get more than ONE, lady. Congratulations, though — I’m sure he’ll magically figure out better eating habits when he moves out of your home in 15-20 years.

(via cranquis)

No… parents, please..

Twilite Orchestra

—Indonesia Raya


Selamat Hari Musik Nasional. Yay!!

Sejak 2013, 9 Maret ditetapkan sebagai Hari Musik Nasional. Penetapannya diambil dari hari lahir komposer kebanggaan negeri, WR Supratman. Salah satu karya terbaik beliau berjudul Indonesia Raya, didaulat menjadi lagu kebangsaan negara kita, yang dalam masterpiece di atas diaransemen apik oleh Twilite Orchestra.

Mendengarkannya sambil hormat grak ya… XD